23 Viral Posts from the Circus That We Know as Twitter

Another week on Planet Earth, another gallery of perfect tweets to get us through our time on this absurd rock just floating through space and time.

If you're not on Twitter, never fear. It's a dark hole of madness that we don't totally have time to explain at the moment. So we've done the digging for you.

On any given day, the internet has a main character. This is commonly known as 'Main Character Syndrome.' Typically this involves a viral tweet, and someone being cancelled (as is life in 2022.) However when there isn't a main character, we just let the algorithm do its thing.

We've gone ahead and collected 23 of the funniest tweets that flew the nest and broke through the viral ceiling to land directly into our laps. So please, crack a beer, sit back, and enjoy some of the best tweets (before they get screen-shotted into oblivion.) Happy long weekend ya'll.
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