Science Deniers Gets Schooled For Their Failed Logic

People have all kinds of different ideas, views, and beliefs about things. From how the Earth and our universe came to be, to what happens after we die, the answers range as far and wide as the questions themselves are deep. Then you have the fringe group who hold some truly bizarre, wild, and controversial views such as the earth being a flat disk, or that birds aren't real and just spy cameras / devices. Everyone has the right to think and believe whatever they want, in fact, it's even protected in our constitution, but that doesn't mean you are right and it also doesn't mean you won't get destroyed online.

Most people know the Earth isn't flat and that vaccines do work, but going by the many outspoken anti-science people you'll come across online, we still have a ways to go, before were all on the same page. So please, if you come across a science truther, don't bombard them with too many facts because you'll only just startle them.
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