24 Dank Memes Approaching Radioactive Levels of Dankness

A dank meme can do wonders for your day. Aside from the well-documented effect of dankness on stress regulation and sleep quality, a certifiably dank meme can be used recreationally to improve mood and take the edge off the day. That's why our parking lot doctor who sleeps in the woods prescribes about two-dozen nuggets o' dankness for most, if not all, ailments.

That way, the next time your boss is being a douche or your commute's feeling a little too long, you can always reach into your trusty, parking-lot-doctor-prescribed satchel ala dank and pluck yet another for some dank delight. And if that's not enough, you can always safely enjoy another two-dozen dollop of dank and push the limits of dankness itself.

We suggest taking everything your parking lot doctor prescribes with a grain of salt; it washes the dankness down a little better and really brings out the flavor.
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