24 Tinder Profiles That Are Out of F**ks to Give

Tinder is where shame goes to die.

What else do you have to lose? Let's be honest if you're on a dating app (especially one as toxic as Tinder) the stakes are pretty low. I get it. Apps are the way to go now. But Tinder - as I understood it when it first came out - was for hooking up. Now obviously the users get to determine what its real use is. So for the sake of this piece let's just call it a dating app.

But there's still something a bit seedy about Tinder compared to all of the other dating sites and apps. Bumble and OkCupid both have a bit more depth to them. Whereas Tinder is just like 'Swipe and pray someone swipes on you.'

So as humans we've come up with sneaky and creative ways of gaining attention on these apps. Your Tinder profile is your biggest chance at having someone swipe on you. So we've collected some of the most confident Tinder profiles, that have no shame at all.

In the long run, life's too short to be ashamed. Just go with it.
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