24 Unhinged TikTok Comments That Prove It's The Worst

This place is something else. TikTok is like Vine meets Twitter. It's the only way I can describe it. It's a lawless land.

Given that TikTok's demographic is mainly tweens and Gen Z, it's clear that the comment section is the place where true gold content lies. I'd also like to the thank the intern who first pitched the idea of the screenshot. Where would we be in life without the ability to document our screens at any given moment?

Thanks for breaking down demographic stereotypes and viewing this gallery, because I know y'all are like 40 years old at this point still trolling our site.

Who knows how long TikTok will actually be around. They've seemed to find their stride in a way that Vine couldn't figure out. But for now let's enjoy the comment section. Let's enjoy the clapbacks. Let's enjoy the roasters. And most of all let's continue the tradition that this site ORIGINATED; the art of trolling.

We hate you trolls, but by god do we respect you.

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