25 Funny Memes Fueling Our Dankness-Powered Mech Suit

Not all dank memes are created equal. It took several years for our Experimental Meme Development Wing to put together a working prototype but it's here: a functioning, battle-ready mech suit powered solely by dank memes. Sure, our proprietary dankness-powered engines could be used for a host of other applications besides a silly battle mech.

Sure, it could alleviate the world from a dependence on fossil fuels and drastically lower energy prices across the board. And, sure, we have no intended use for the dankness-powered battle mech besides blowing up cabbage and heads of lettuce in the parking lot.

But we'll get to all that later. Right now, the only thing you need worry about is getting this canister of highly dank memes to the garage so we can boot this bad boy up and get rolling. Whatever you do, make sure not to open the canister. The dank memes inside are highly pressurized; piercing or denting the canister in any way could blow the office, parking lot, and the Connie's Nail Salon next door sky high.
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