The Best Internet Clap-backs and Comments

Sometimes people hit the nail right on the head and send their opponent into a deep spiral of regret and self-loathing, these are their stories, or should we say comments. To see some more clap-backs, comments, and comebacks from the realm of the internet, check out these retorts that shut people down.

An eye for an eye. It's an expression as old as humans who have had scores to settle, and in principle it is a concept that functions quite well. You wronged me? I shall wrong you equally in return. Of course in practice and reality, such symmetry is not always possible, and therefore we have invented things like prison time, the justice system and such. And of course due to the rise of the internet, those who wrong you are very often half way across the world, immune to any eye gouging you might feel entitled too, so therefore, you must resort to the good old fashioned internet clap back.
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