25 Savage Comebacks That Hit Like a Punch to the Gut

There is nowhere online that you are safe from comments like these. Different comments have different purposes. Some have the intention of making a very smart, well thought out contribution that both illuminates something, while adding to our understanding of a piece and contributing something more that can perhaps be the root of further intellectual discussion. Of course whether or not the intention is there, that is a very rare occurrence. Other comments have a more mischievous model, with the intention of trolling, or making fun of. These comments have little way substance, but much in the way of sarcasm, something many others don't pick up on. And yet a third type is simply the kind that's sole purpose is to savagely roast the ever loving crap out of somebody. That's the kind of comment this compilation is dedicated too. Although we'd rather they didn't show up in this particular comment section.
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