26 People Lying on the Internet for Imaginary Points

People lie for all sorts of reasons. We lie to potential employers for jobs we kinda-sorta deserve. We might fib to our friends about where we were the other night when they asked if we wanted to play frisbee golf or to our significant others about how much we spent on that "cool knife." When push comes to shove, most of us are willing to spin a tale to keep things running smoothly -- and for what we think are good reasons.

But SOME people make a hobby out of lying. For no material gains, they play the fabrication game like it's a sport. And the best thing about these idiots is that, despite all the practice, they're really, really bad bad it somehow. Just one casual glance through Facebook, Instagram, or subreddits like r/QuitYourBullsh*t and r/ThatHappened and you'll find buffoons lying for karma, likes, followers, and every other shade of fake internet points.
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