42 Funny Tweets and Memes Courtesy of Twitter

Twitter has been all the buzz in recent years and even more so recently with Elon Musk's offer of 45 Billion for the company went through. Tweets were an odd concept at first when people tried to express themselves or convey their argument or point of view while being limited to only 140 characters. Regardless the popularity of the platform continued to rise and it quickly became one of the top social media sites on the net. Besides the memes and funny posts, it can also be a great place to find local and national news both from independent sources and the mainstream media.

The funny never stops or takes a day off, and neither should you, so stash these in your bag and get on with your business. The pleasure of memes, specifically Tweets, is knowing you'll never have a dull moment. So if you're waiting in line, or sitting in an airport, here you go, a guaranteed 15 minutes of perfectly wasted time.
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