28 Posts From People Who Really Hate Cars

From the subreddit r/f**kcars comes an impassioned reminder of why so many people hate cars. Do you want to live in a walkable community? Or maybe you just hate the high price of gas? Whatever your reasons are for disliking cars, over at r/f***cars you'll find yourself in good company.

Cars for all they have given us, (free moveability, comfort), they've also taken things away from us, (dense urban spaces and walkable communities). It is safe to say that we as humans aren't meant to sit in traffic for hours on end. On one hand, they make life easier, and on the other, they make everything worse. Without rambling off stats about the pollution they create, the death they cause, or the utter destruction of public space cars have encroached upon, it's safe to say that cars are an old invention that needs to be phased out if we hope to live better and healthier lives.
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