28 Memes That Show Why Getting Old Sucks

Getting old sucks. It's a simple fact of life. That doesn't mean we can't have a nice laugh about it though. Here are 28 memes that might help you do that, or at least relate to others going through the same process a bit more.

As Yoda says in Star Wars, "Death is a natural part of life." This was something that spoke to me at the time, both with its profound simplicity, and in jealousy at the fact that after 900 years it was obviously a little bit less natural for him. Either way, the process of aging was something I thought a great deal about, and it was only recently that I came to the realization that, wow, yeah I'm old now. This meme gallery put together by the ever prolific Solid just solidified that for me even more, but least now I can laugh and relate to memes about it before I inevitably die... as a natural part of life.
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