28 WTF Facts and Photos From History

There are a lot of cool facts and photos from history. After all, history is a long time. These 28 pictures are pretty cool, and might have some stuff you haven't seen before.

Many of these photos are from the period in time right after the invention of the photo, and it is interesting to see the world being documented for the first time. I especially enjoy the photo of men taking an old fashioned selfie with a massive hand held camera. The camera, the color, and the way they are dressed is so different, yet the feeling of just wanting to grab a pic with your mates is still the same, not to mention the pose.

Other photos are simply visually striking like the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, that reminds us of the power of construction human beings have figured out. Hopefully there's something here you find new and interesting. Enjoy these 28 facts and photos from history.
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