30 Bizarre Images Of Airline Passengers From Hell

Traveling can be an exciting thing to do for many people. Going to a brand new place that you have never been to is a quite unique experience and part of the excitement is the unknown and new adventures you may have while you're there. Some people prefer to go to the same spot(s) on their trips and vacations because of the familiarity of said place while still feeling like you're getting away from it all.

One thing most travel has in common is that no matter if it is by car, boat, train, or air travel, there are still certain inescapable inconveniences you may have to deal with. Delays, overbooking, mechanic issues, running late, missed connections, the list goes on and on. One of the biggest nightmares around traveling is, believe it or not, the other passengers. Some people go to great lengths to make themselves comfortable completely ignoring the space and privacy of their fellow passengers. Check out this batch of travelers who lack common decency and make things suck for the rest of us.
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