26 Horrible Bosses Who Lost Their Dammed Minds

Depending on who they are as a person and how they manage their people, any boss or manager can make their employees' work lives either heaven or a literal hell. Unfortunately, there are many truly bad bosses in the world. They don't believe the term "leadership" applies to them, don't lead by example, or perhaps just have unrealistic expectations about how things should be done. Some of them demean, insult staff, and micromanage their employees instead of inspiring and motivating them, as any good leader should do. Then they often have the audacity to be shocked and surprised at the feeling of resentment their employees have for them, or the toxic work environment that they literally created.

The notes and signs that managers post, whether inside or outside, are one way that they express their genuine thoughts and deep hate for their staff, even if it is unintentional and just a complete lack of empathy, decency, and common sense.

Have you ever heard a manager or boss say "I wouldn't ask you to do something I haven't already done"? Well, it definitely wasn't one of these insane employers. We all understand that work is work and we are there to do a specific job or set of tasks, but it doesn't have to be a military-style prison that sucks the life out of you.
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