30 People Who Pulled Real Power Moves

Power moves are not moves that everyone can pull off. But those who make them consistently understand that they are a way of life. And once you understand that life style, the 'thug life' so to speak, you understand that some people make power moves exclusively. Here are 30 people who pulled real power moves, and who definitely make power moves only.

Not everyone can live the thug life. Those that do often don't find it themselves, instead marked by the gods of thuggery as the life seeks them out and finds them itself, independent of any previous action taken by the recipient. Living the thug life and making power moves are traits that go hand in hand, existing in perfect harmony, each power move one step in the chess game of living a thug life, until checkmate is achieved, and the person makes power moves only. Here are 30 people who have finished their chess game, and some of the moves they made.
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