30 Facebook Buy/Sell Postings That Are Sketchy AF

Buying and selling things on Facebook seems like a great idea. After all, who wants to go through some middle man of a store, taking away profits for themselves and jacking up prices. If you want used products, why not go straight to the source: the people who want to sell those products. Facebook makes this easier than any platform, with the whole point of the website to connect people. (Actually it was to rate women but that's a different story.) That is, until you realize that you might have to interact with those people, and you realize that actually people are crazy and why would you want to buy anything from someone who has had no background check whatsoever to make sure they are not about to try murder you and your family, or worse jack the catalytic converter out of the brand new Ford F-150 Raptor your wife finally let you buy? Hmm, I wonder if you can get one of those off of Facebook too?
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