31 Fresh Memes From The Dank Side of the Moon

There's a lot going on in the world. A whole lot. As the only planet in our solar system with literal billions of sentient apes running about, operating vehicles at speeds their bodies weren't built for, trying to snap pictures of streamers' feet or buying jars of farts, there's a lot for any one ape to keep track of. Especially while working just hard enough to keep yourself out of jail or the hospital.

That's why we offer you an alternative; drown out all the noise and slap the every-loving Chris Rock out of your boredom with a bevy of moderate-to-strongly dank memes to keep you going. At day's end, when all said and done, each of us needs our respective vices to take the edge off. And a dank meme or two is a lot more palatable than most.

So, take a gander through the buffet of dankness we have below and relax. The world isn't going anywhere and neither are your deadlines. Take a deep breath, slow things down, and embrace the dankness.
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