31 Dank Memes We Found inside a Mesopotamian Tomb

Below us is a sequence of fairly dank memes discovered behind a false wall in an ancient Mesopotamian tomb beneath the Tigris river, decades ago. You might want to dust them off before eating them -- there was a decent amount of speculation that they may be cursed. That said, moments before spontaneously bursting into flames for reasons still unknown, assured us this was unlikely. 

So go ahead and enjoy this stack of old, ragged memes that you are welcome to peek at for as long as you want. Many of them were found scrawled on the walls in an unknown substance that is undeniably dank. If there are any that you disapprove of, or dislike, you can reach out to us via paper boat launched at a stream originating at the northernmost pass of Mount Dank.

Nobody will read your complaint, of course, because our interns burn all the mail every Wednesday morning, but the exercise might provide you with some cathartic release.
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