30 Things That Are Suspiciously Detailed

This gallery is full of pictures and images that are oddly specific. Obviously, these people felt the need to go into detail, but honestly everybody else might have preferred they didn't. You don't need to know everything.

These pictures are just a little too specific, maybe suspiciously so. After all, they say that when people lie they go into way more specific detail than they do when telling the truth, and these people definitely do that here. So what do they have to hide? What is going on that we don't know about? While we might not know that, we definitely do know a lot more than we were planning to know about what they are telling us, and so at least there's that, but we still can't shake that suspicious feeling in the backs of our heads telling us that something is up. After all, these pictures from r/oddlyspecific really are suspiciously oddly specific.
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