32 Relationship Memes That Are Far Too Relatable

Happy wife, happy life. Or so I've been told.

I literally have zero answers to relationship troubles. My parents were both divorced and both remarried, and both divorced a second time. So yeah my track record with role model adults isn't great.

However I can say that being a husband is a job I was made to do. Annoy the f*ck out of my wife (who also happens to be my best friend) while also getting a baller-a** tax return because we file together now? Um yes, please!

That being said, every couple is going to have their issues. And no matter what anybody tells you, no couple is perfect. That's some Hollywood, corndog bullsh*t. So how do we get through these quarrels, and fights with our significant other?

Again, I don't have the best answers, but staring at memes seems to be the thing that helps everybody cope with EVERYTHING these days. Grandma dies? Here's a funeral meme. WWIII starting? Here's a draft card meme? It's all we do. So why wouldn't it work the same way with relationships?
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