32 Pics That Technically Aren't Wrong

Looking at these photos and comments feels like arguing with that one annoying friend who will never admit when they're wrong and makes you want to kick them over Niagra Falls in a wooden barrel. One of the most annoying forms of being right is being "technically correct". It's often the case where the person is wrong or using the information in the wrong way, but has one tiny aspect right and believes they are totally correct.

Thankfully you don't have to actually punch someone after reading these condescending comments. You can just click somewhere else and be taken to a magical place where all your worries have disappeared. After all, we are all probably guilty of being condescending or trolling a little bit in the comments or reply section.

After scrolling through these, maybe go take a walk through some nice tall grass and forget about other humans for awhile. That sounds nice.
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