33 Tattoos That Really Suck

Tattoos are painful, time consuming, and expensive to get. There is a reason not just anyone can get them, and the people who get them put a lot of time into picking the designs and the meaning behind them. Well... and then there's these people.

That's the thing about a tattoo, is that it's permanent. Whatever feeling you had at the moment you got it, that is the feeling that will be carried through for your entire life on your body for all others to see. If the feeling happened to be while you were busy being an idiot, like these people, then that is what your tattoo will mean not just to you, but to everyone else around you.

These people not only most likely spent a lot of money to get these tattoos, but also endured a lot of pain. But most of all, they were present in a moment of utter stupidity that they now must bear with them for the world to witness. Don't get tattoos like these people.
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