38 People Who Couldn't Have Picked a Worse Name for Their Kid

Picking out a name for your child is just one of the exciting and challenging moments of being a parent. There are literally thousands if not tens of thousands of options to choose from so it can feel like quite a daunting task when you are faced with it. Because everyone is different and has different tastes and opinions, it goes without saying people will have quite different reasons or feelings on what to name their children.

Everyone wants their child to be unique and special, but giving them some jacked-up borderline stupid name isn't the best way to go about it. Put yourself in their future shoes for a moment and think about them having to deal with being called something silly or absurd. It's not going to make middle school or high school easy on them if they get stuck with some goofy or cringe-worthy name, so keep that in mind parents next time you are faced with the responsibility of naming a child.

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