31 Sad Pics About Life

Sometimes life sucks. It can be sad. Depressing. Disheartening. All of the above. What do we do when times get tough? Well there is no right answer. Everyone deals with the sadness in different ways, and finding what works for you without fully succumbing to the emotions is the goal for each and every one of us.

In this case, you have decided to look at some memes. Perhaps not the cure for sadness that the doctor would order, but what better to make you feel good than seeing evidence that other people are going through the same thing in the format of memes? Here there is a collection of memes of things that are slightly sad, to help remind you that life just sucks like that, and we all go through it. Will it make you feel better in the long run? Absolutely not. But for right now? Maybe just enough.
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