45 Fun Randoms to Spice up the Day

We don't have, in the grand scheme of things, a lot of time. The earth has been around for a few billion years (with a 'B'), Humanity for several hundred thousand depending on who you ask, and any one of us aiming for somewhere around a measly one hundred. So we don't really have time to see it all.

But this solemn, nigh-certain fact shouldn't get your down. Quite the contrary, the idea that you could spend every minute of everyday exploring and questing for new sights without any hope of 'running out' of experiences should energize you. We are surrounded with limitless possibility.

That said, most of us have jobs and other obligations that keep us from going full-blown Cousteau at any given moment. But just because your body, most of the time, has to stay in a generally fixed geographical region doesn't mean your mind has to.

Down below is a fat stack of random sights and fun pics from around the world to let your mind explore and see itself free. Enjoy!
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