47 Fun Photos For Your Enjoyment

With the weekend glimmering just over the horizon, it's good to take a second and refuel with some fun randoms before the final push. Those two glorious days where we get to be ourselves and wonder aloud what life might be like without deadlines, bosses and the dolddrum-inducing obligations of the work week are important to our health and overall wellbeing. Make the most of it.

That means stretching out your laughter muscles, working out your 'wow' functions and generally finding a few moment's fun so that, when that golden 48 begins, you're not too burned out to actually enjoy it. To make the most of it.

To that end, we've got a smattering of randomness fished out of the top of the internet, showcasing the weird, wacky and wonderful nonsense that fills the internet each day. A nice slice-through of the cool things we might miss if we forget to pay attention. Enjoy.
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