49 Funny Photos to Obliterate Boredom

Time is a limited resource. During childhood a year sounds like an eternity; as an adult, you blink your eyes and half a decade goes by. Everyone tries to squeeze as much as they can out of the day but we are, unfortunately, only human. And only one human, to be exact.

We'd all love to spend the time seeing everything the world has to offer, but many of us are also quite partial to eating. And maintaining shelter overhead. To that end, much of our time is spent in service of these bodily needs, rather than exploring the many weird wonders of the world.

And that, friends, is exactly where a big ol' stack of randoms comes in handy. A nice, widely-cast net, dragged through the internet, to showcase all the insane, strange and awesome happenings going on throughout the world -- all viewable at your fingertips. So, the next time you're chasing a deadline or hiding from your boss, take a gander at the randoms down below for your daily dose of fun.
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