5 Times People Broke the Rules By Following Them

The saying goes that rules are meant to be broken. The sentiment behind the saying is valid: When a rule is made, there will come a time when someone either through necessity or defiance will attempt to break that rule. After all, people will do as they please, and a rule written down will some day find itself on the other side of an action.

Bosses and employers love to make rules. Most people who become bosses, and especially the bad ones, end up with some kind of a power trip. Rules are the perfect way to keep people in line, and control their every move with restrictive policies. But as an employee we can't break those rules can we? Their word is law, and at the consequence of a firing are usually too great to risk.

But what if we just follow those rules? To the very letter of the law. To the extreme, removing the human element of common sense and decency? Here are five stories of malicious compliance: people following the rules, maybe too well, to delicious, malicious, and vengeful results.
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