51 Randoms To Activate Your Laughter

We can't know how your week went, but I'm sure we can all rejoice as the weekend approaches. It's those two precious days when you get to pursue some semblance of your real self. Maybe you're one of the lucky few who achieved self-actualization through your work after making wise decisions in your youth about what you wanted to accomplish in life — but more than likely, the advent of the weekend brings the same sense of relief it does for the rest of us. A chance to just... chill. 

So, as you ease your tired and battered body into the warm bath of the weekend, have a look at some of the hilarious and cool photos that people have just fished from the internet's river and felt obliged to share. There's always a lot going on and a lot to enjoy — so relax and join us for a leisurely cruise through the random!
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