6 People Who Got Their Petty Revenge

Getting revenge is a sweet thing. It is a natural human impulse to want retribution when someone has wronged you. An eye for an eye so to speak. It is the basis of many human practices from the justice system to underground fight clubs. These people got a different kind of revenge however, a kind that matched the crimes committed against them. Nothing other worldly, but just enough to cause a decent nuisance. We are calling this petty revenge.

Petty revenge differs from normal revenge in scope, scale, and level of annoyance caused to the person experiencing it. Petty revenge does not cause lasting harm of any significant kind, nor is it typically illegal in a strict sense. Instead, it is designed to cause the same level of inconvenience that that person has caused you, often by taking someone's words a bit too literally. But above all it causes levels of annoyance even beyond those of a real impactful revenge. These stories were collected by r/pettyrevenge.
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