25 Memes To Describe the Single Life

Being single is hard. With so many days dedicated to love, it's hard being someone who is yet to find it. Here are 25 memes dedicated to all of the loving people out there still living their single life.

Being single can be the result of many factors, and come with many emotions. Some people simply choose to be single, although as Darth Kermit the frog asks you in this gallery, is that really your decision, or a decision forced upon you? Some people want love but do not know in what form to procure it, and some people yearn for lost love, and for new love to feel the same as that of old. But in the end, these people all live the single life and as a result are pushing through the same experience. Some just for a short time, and some, well, forever. But no matter what, they can all look to this gallery for the companionship they lack.
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