Employee Works Overtime on Day Off, Gets Chewed Out by Entitled Boss

File this under 'incompetent bosses continuing to be incompetent.'

Thanks to the subreddit Anti Work, we've got one of the most absurd, ridiculous, and flat-out insulting stories of another incompetent boss.

The employee in this story did eventually quit their job, and we don't blame them at all. Bosses who don't appreciate the work you do, let alone the work you do on your day off are absolute clowns. And it wasn't just this person's day off. They ended up working overtime. What should've taken a couple of hours on a Saturday, turned into a full 10 hour day of work.

And what did this employee get? A thank you? Nope. A great job. Nah. They got chewed out for "embarrassing" the boss.

I'll let the OP tell the story, but this is exactly why you shouldn't break your back for ANY job. Nobody cares about you. Use your sick days, use your vacation days.
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