McDonald’s Challenges DQ to Sign War, F**ks around and Finds Out

Come for the wholesomeness, stay for McDonald's getting obliterated in front of everyone and their mother.

We'd like to thank the Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce for their contribution to society. They documented the epic sign battle of Marshfield Center and it does not disappoint.

The war which has now gone viral, started when McDonald's reached out and challenged DQ. Big mistake, huge. The two food chains go at it for a bit, and then other local businesses jump in. We even get a Wendy's cameo. It's all out mayhem.

I didn't realize how big of rivals DQ Grill & Chill were with McDonald's. Actually strike that. For it to be a rivalry, there have to be wins by each side and a mutual respect of one another. What Dairy Queen did was put McDonald's in a bodybag. Obliteration. Public humiliation. Ronald, we'll be polite and kindly ask you to take several seats after this one.
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