Dude Cheats on GF after She Saves His Life

This is a whole new level of relationship drama.

Ahh, ain't love grand? This story come to us from Colleen Le on TikTok.

According to Colleen, she had decided to donate her kidney to her then boyfriend only a few short months after they had started dating. With his kidney function at less than 5%, they both realized that if it was going to happen, they would have to move quickly.

Obviously she cared about this man, and ultimately decided to go ahead and give him her kidney. His quality of life improved and they seemed to have a healthy relationship.
However, after going away for a bachelor party Colleen explains that the boyfriend showed up to her house randomly and flat-out admitted to cheating on her while at said party.

Now I'm not here to judge. I don't know what happens behind closed doors. But come on, man. This girl quite literally saved your life. Even so, Colleen wanted to give him a second chance to try to make their relationship work.

In the end, it wasn't enough. The two broke up and Colleen says she's doing fine. After posting her story to TikTok, the video blew up and is now over 16 million views. I'd say she got the last laugh.
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@colleeeniie Everything happens for a reason
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