Dudes Winning on the Internet Will Never Get Old

We've got another fresh batch of wholesome dudes posting their wins online.

In a world full of negativity, war, politics, and general depression at all times, it's good to take a step back and enjoy the wins once in a while.

Thanks to our go-to Twitter account Dudes Posting Their W's, we've collected 20 of the coolest, most wholesome, and bada** guys who just happened to do something awesome.

Don't get me wrong, these dudes didn't necessarily do something life-changing or something to benefit the population as a whole. But that's not what this gallery is about. It's about celebrating bros being bros. Whether it's a small win or something bigger than ourselves.

So break out the cooler, crack a beer and tap the keg. Put on those cutoff jorts and lace up those New Balance kicks. This one's for the dudes, the dads, and the good guys out there. Stay positive, stay rad. Cheers!
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