Employee Strips so That They Can Quit Properly

We read many stories about workers getting fed up, quitting, and even quitting on the spot. However, a key detail that gets neglected in many cases comes in the form of a work uniform. What do you do if you decide to quit on the spot, but you are still wearing your work uniform? It's a legitimate question, and one this person decided to answer in the best way possible: by stripping down to their underwear and giving it back then and there.

This teenager at the time is working in a bakery, and judging by the questionably long hours, and nepotism of the workplace, it is obvious from the start that there is a classic case of abusive manager. When this employee decides to quit, the manager denies their request forcing them to train a replacement, and then stay on for longer. So, this employee quits, and without their baking apron. Or much else.

This story comes from r/MaliciousCompliance.
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