Employees Forced to Work July 4th Rewarded with $6K Office Party on Company’s Dime

Want to get revenge on your boss? This story is the blueprint for how to do it.

This tale of petty revenge and malicious compliance comes to us courtesy of the wild and wonderful world of Reddit. And to steal a phrase from the OP here, this is some straight up corporate f**kery.

The trigger for me in this story is just the fact that the entire company (including the IT department) were ALREADY given the 4th of July off. It's a national holiday. However, the IT department was then informed that only their employees MUST come into the office that day and put in a full day of work. That's FUBAR.

Everything after that point in time when the IT department was informed that they must now work a national TOTALLY warranted. I'll shut up now and let our OP tell the story, and what a story it is. Don't mess with pissed off employees.
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