Entitled Dad Ruins Kids’ Day by Haggling over $2 Park Fee

This is just aggravating, annoying, and sh*tty parenting.

There is a right way to parent, and a wrong way to parent. This story courtesy of the subreddit Entitled Bitch, is a perfect example of the wrong way.

To make a short story long, this entitled father had to have had the sh*ttiest childhood for him to turn out this way. Just miserable. It's gotta start somewhere and I've watched enough 'Criminal Minds' to know that it usually stems from a criminal's own childhood.

Now did this guy commit a crime? No, of course not. But haggling over a $2 park entrance fee in front of his wife and kids, crying because he can't get a discount? That reaction is criminal.

My main qualm with this story is, if you as a father are driving the whole way out to the middle of nowhere to go to a park why are you then going to turn around and throw a hissy fit. It's going to cost more in wasted gas money I can guarantee you that.

Anyway I'll let our OP tell the rest of the story.
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