Entitled Mom Lashes Out After Babysitter Gets a Better Job

How do you know if someone is a Karen? Don't worry, they'll yell at you for the most pointless sh*t imaginable and make it seem like you're the worst person they've ever met in their entire life.

When this pissed-off mom took her rant to Facebook because the girl who had been watching her kids, for the low price of 100 dollars a week quit, she was beside herself.

You can tell right away this woman is a peach to deal with. But the icing on this comeback cake is that the girl who had been babysitting her kids found the Facebook rant and tore her to shreds in her own comments.

The Karen mom admits to only paying the poor girl $100 a week, even though she works 9-5 five days a week, which we're not great at math, but that is some terrible pay. That's the funny thing about finding goo work, it's going to cost you.
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