Hardo Security Guard Requires Guests to Show Last 5 Photos on Phone, Gets Due Comeuppance

I've never understood the idea of cops thinking they're cool just because they're cops.

This story from the subreddit Malicious Compliance, surrounds a security guard who takes his job way too seriously.

And listen don't get me wrong, this security guard was worried about IT stealing sensitive information, and sure. That's totally fine. But singling one visitor out, yet letting others pass through is pretty f**king shady if you ask me.

According to the OP, this security guard would require one guy (Steve) to dump all of the contents of his backpack AND show the last 5 pictures on his phone. All to prove that Steve wasn't 'stealing secrets.'

I promise you, I wish that I were making this up. But the story somehow gets even wilder. Steve was a nice enough guy, and didn't want to cause trouble. But at some point showing his phone gets to be a bit invasive. So he decides to put an end to the security guard's shenanigans. I won't spoil it for you, but you won't see the end coming.
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