Kanye West Has (Another) Meltdown, and We Have the Screenshots

Ah sh*t, here we go again.

Infamous rapper Kanye West went on yet another social media tirade last night. As he's known to do, Kanye aired quite a bit of his dirty laundry out for everyone and their mother to see.

This time he got his kids involved. Apparently there was some sort of disagreement between he and Kim about where the kids should attend school. Kanye basically claims that he has no say in where the kids go, and Kim is making those decisions without him.

Why does the rest of the world care about this sh*t? I have no idea. It feels silly even writing this. But Kanye and Kim aren't normal people. So blasting each other's actions on the internet is clearly the only way they know how to communicate.

Either way it made for some very entertaining Instagram content, before Kanye deleted all of his posts as he is want to do.
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