Karen Refuses to Pay Bill Because She Can't Read Menus Right

Some people feel that they deserve special treatment, free items, and shouldn't have to wait in line like the rest of us. These five ladies fall directly into that profile. Watch as they throw temper tantrums and hissy-fits when things don't go exactly their way. Sure we all like to poke fun at the super entitled and demanding Karen's of the world, but these poor souls have to deal with it IRL. Check all out the "Karen" content you could ever need Here.

After reading that the to-go prices at a newly-reopened restaurant were lower than the price for dining in, this Karen - in typical Karen fashion - decided that the lowest price MUST apply to her even though she DEFINITELY dined in. Had she approached the situation with some tact and grace, the restaurant staff would have been happy to comp a few things just to keep them happy. But no, you know Karen just had to make a scene.
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