Landlord is So Clearly Wrong, Even a Neutral Mediator Tells Her to Give Up

Did you know that in many states, landlords are actually legally required to put away any security deposit in an escrow account so that it's readily available to give back to the tenant when they're moving out (provided there weren't any damages)? That money does NOT belong to the landlord but you and I both know most landlords don't see it that way and way, way too many of them try pulling some shady s**t to hang on to it. Often, they've already spent the money and don't want to pay it back (if you're reading this Justin, you shady prick f**k, I hope you have a scratchy butthole for the rest of your life).

The thing is, most tenants aren't nearly as aware of rental laws and their rights as they ought to be. In many states, the law actually sides with the tenant more often than not, and as long as you do a good job of gathering evidence and presenting your case clearly, you've good a pretty good shot at getting your money back and maybe even some extra restitution.
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