Man Blames Girlfriend for ‘Letting’ Their House Get Robbed

While away on a trip visiting his parents, this man received a call from his girlfriend stating that their house had been robbed.

His girlfriend explained that a stranger had peeked over their fence like Mr. Feeny from 'Boy Meets World', and asked what her plans were for the day. Excuse me??? A stranger? This isn't even a neighbor, this is a complete stranger you've never seen before and you're gonna tell him your plans for the day?

So she told him her plans...her reasoning is beyond me. Apparently the couple live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. So she tells this random dude she's going out. He robs the place. And then she's shocked when she comes home to find a burgled home.

Not gonna lie, I'd be pretty upset too if I were the boyfriend. Granted we don't know the whole story. Who knows if this guy is telling Reddit the entire truth. But like, come on girl use a little common sense.

Who do you think the real a**hole is in this story (besides me)?
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