23 Fresh Pics For a Banquet of Dankness

As the incessant onslaught of moderately-depressing headlines continues their assault on your perspective and, day by day, the world does its best to dampen your spirits, let's take a minute to remember that there's still plenty of fun to be had. There's a whole world of cool people to chill with, stunning sights to be startled by, and a veritable banquet of dank memes to sink your teeth into.

It's understandable that we can sometimes forget how much fun we could be having, if only we'd let ourselves. We've got bills to pay, responsibilities to uphold and deadlines to meet. But we should remember to, every once in a while, cease the doomscroll and the blank stare and laugh a little.

Downe below we have a fistful of generally-dank memes and funny photos to help lighten the load of existence and take the edge off. Because the world's actually pretty okay, despite what the news cycle would have you believe. Enjoy your scroll and enjoy your day!
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