Moron Burns Home down Proposing to His Girlfriend and She Says Yes

This week, a British guy named Albert Ndreu planned an elaborate marriage proposal stunt that ended up burning his entire apartment down.

After lighting 100 tea candles all around the apartment and a bunch spelling out "MARRY ME?" in their carpeted living room, he made the crucial mistake of leaving the apartment while all the candles were still lit.

He left to go pick his girlfriend up from work, because for some reason he couldn't just wait for her to get home on her own.

By the time they got there, the unit was in flames and he knew he'd seriously messed things up. Nonetheless, he proposed to her inside the burnt out apartment and she said yes.

Lady, if this guy is dumb enough to burn down your home with tea candles, imagine how he's going to accidentally maim your kid in a few years. Hopefully it ends up in the tabloids just like this so at least we can all read about it.
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