New Neighbor Stingy about Sharing Driveway, Receives Instant Karma

Just another prime example of play stupid stupid prizes.

This one comes to us from the subreddit Malicious Compliance.

The transition from having amazing neighbors for over a decade, to having someone brand new move in is always touch-and-go. It's never easy, and this story is no exception. It's almost the perfect stereotype where the sweet old neighbors pass away, and a greedy, money-hungry landlord takes over their home. It's awful and it sucks. To be completely frank.

Not to mention the circumstances under which the OP met their new d-bag neighbor...Let's just say this relationship was doomed from the start.

So of course things came to a head when the shared driveway wasn't good enough for the new neighbor. Listen, if you're gonna poke the bear, don't be upset when the claws come out.

Break out the popcorn, grab a seat, and kick up your feet. For anyone who loves drama, this is a juicy one.
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