Parent Asks ‘AITA’ after Taking Step-Daughter’s Phone

We'll let you be the judge here. Is it okay for a step-parent to take away the step-child's phone as a punishment?

If being a parent is the hardest job there is, being a step-parent is basically an unpaid internship. That being said, there are still ways to be a good step-parent. Although this story courtesy of the subreddit, AITA, may not be the best example.

There is definitely a fine line between punishing a child (stepchild or not) and power-tripping. The OP here seems to be favoring her own daughter over her step-daughter in this specific situation, and the internet has little mercy. Seriously we thought there would be some empathy for the step-mother's actions here...zilch. Give this one a read, and let us know what you think.

Is she just doing the hardest job in the world as a step-mom? Or is she just being a total a**hole?
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