Karens Made a Fake Gov't Agency to Threaten Anyone Enforcing Face Masks

In an attempt to try to shut up anyone who tells them to put on a mask in public, someone created a fake group agency called the Freedom to Breathe Agency (FTBA) that claims to have the power to sue any person or business that tells people to wear masks.

They printed cards that look sort of official, from afar, but up close they're riddled with typos and grant the holder as much public health authority as a ham sandwich.

Before the "agency's" website was taken down it offered suggestions for how to get someone to STFU about masks, which just came down to asking to talk to the manager's manager.

The site also sold mugs and hats as a way to fleece a couple bucks from anyone who really believed the FTBA was real.

Click here to watch an elephant mount a rhino as you continue to breathe the fresh, farty air that surrounds you.
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